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Are you someone that is dealing with anxiety, and want a natural way of helping to get rid of anxiety altogether?

In this video and on this post, we are going to show you 9 natural remedies for anxiety and some you can do at home today for quick relief.

I completely understand how anxiety can make you feel on a daily basis.

Maybe you wake up every morning anxious of the day ahead

Or maybe there is someone in your life that causes you trouble and you are always anxious about seeing them

Or maybe you have a big event coming up and are anxious that a problem will occur

In this video, I will show you the anxiety ritual I use to calm my nerves in just 5 minutes.

Welcome to Home remedies and natural cures, where mother nature provides you with all the natural medicine you need to live a healthy life.

Why these remedies are easy and better for my health compared to popping a pill that is full of chemicals

And how you can do many of these at home and they are not expensive.

You will want to stay until the end, where I will give you my 5-minute ritual I have used for the past few years and a downloadable pdf for you to keep and refer back to each time you feel anxiety coming on.

Imagine life without the fear of anxiety, I wanted to, so I went on a mission to discover how I could remove anxiety and created this video to help others just like I eliminate it without medication but by using natural remedies.

Some natural remedies are so effective in curing anxiety, that the FDA verifies them to have a positive effect on anxiety.

Also, through this video, we recommend many products that work, and we have done the shopping for you, you will find links to products in the description below. Simply order and have them delivered and you will see results.



One of the best natural remedies for anxiety and panic attacks is cold water. Though it does not get rid of the attack, it does help you gain back your control and senses and it will calm you down.
Whenever you feel that anxiety is building inside you and an attack is coming, splash cold water over your face rinse your hands in cold water, apply cold water onto your neck or any other part of your body, until you begin to feel calm.


BEST NATURAL REMEDY FOR ANXIETY  – Number 2 Mental/Emotional Techniques

The power of your mind to control and eliminate anxiety is amazing, which we are all able to tap into and use.

Anxiety has quickly been eliminated using various mental and emotional approaches. Sometimes one session is all it takes to cure somebody of anxiety or panic.

The best mental and emotional healing techniques include meditation, hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), visualization, and therapy.




Stress plays a part in manifesting your anxiety or panic attack symptoms, using aromatherapy can help relax your mind and ease your tension.

Essential oils are used for this therapy. Some of the popular essential oils that you can use are Lavender, Tea tree, Peppermint, Orange and Lemon.

To use essential oils is to inhale them, either directly out of the bottle or by using a diffuser or humidifier. You can also dilute essential oils with a carrier oil and apply it directly to your skin. Or you can get creative and add the mixture to a body wash, shampoo, or bath.




Chromotherapy is a special type of therapy that is offered through exposure to specific colors of light in the light spectrum.

Chromotherapy is one of the top-known remedies for anxiety because you can use the treatment at home to gain relief in a relatively short time.

You can invest in a blue light bulb which can be placed inside a small lamp. By basking in blue light for a half hour each day, you will feel more serene and at peace.

You can also use other colors of the spectrum too since each color offers special all-natural healing properties.



Another of many natural remedies for anxiety relief is the regular and steady use of isochronic tones.

Isochronic tones are specific sounds that induce specific brain wave patterns and that are used in the process of brainwave entrainment.

There are special CDs and mp3 files that can be purchased for little cost that can be used during meditative sessions; all of which contain subtle isochronic tones.

With regular practice, you can use isochronic tones to trigger theta and delta brain waves so that you can naturally move your state of awareness into one that is relaxed and completely composed.




A very inexpensive remedy for anxiety is the practice of regular journaling. When you take the time to process your feelings in private and in print, you are subsequently releasing pent-up tension, frustration, confusion, and anxiety.

Through the process of writing, you can examine your fears and anxiety-related concerns, and with free writing processes, you can develop some innovative solutions to your problems.




Relaxation is one of the best to relieve anxiousness. Even if you choose not to meditate, you can still find ways to relax your mind and body.

Soak in a hot tub filled with lavender, exercise to get rid of the tensions that build up in your muscles over time, or purposefully choose to sit quietly for fifteen to twenty minutes a day.

When you give yourself full permission to relax, you can thwart the negative emotions associated with anxiety altogether.

Your body will benefit from being calmed, relaxed, and become more healthy.




Anxiety has been treated for thousands of years using natural herbal remedies.

Herbal remedies have been shown to be not only highly effective but a much more gentle approach and healthier way to curing anxiety.

The best herbs to use to treat anxiety are:

*Passionflower – Passionflower has soothing effects that can lower high blood pressure. It is also a recipe that is commonly used in natural medicine. It works to alleviate hyperactivity, anxiety, insomnia, and nervous tension.

To use, you can take passion flower by mouth this can reduce symptoms of anxiety. If you are having anxiety before a procedure for example you are taking surgery. Take passion flowers by mouth 30-90 minutes before the surgery.

*Lemon balm – It is good for the nervous system. It can reduce high blood pressure. It contains chemicals that seem to have a sedative and calming effect. It is used for anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

To use, you can make it into tea. Have 1 tablespoon of dried or chopped fresh lemon balm per eight fluid ounces. Allow the tea to steep for at least eight minutes for best results. You can make this your daily dose of Lemon balm.

If you want it as a refreshing iced drink in the summertime, just add some fresh sprigs to a jug of cool water and allow it to infuse for 30 minutes before serving.
You could also make Lemon Balm infused vinegar to dress salads. Simply add one cup of fresh chopped lemon balm to a jar and cover with raw apple cider vinegar. Allow infusing for at least 3 weeks for best results.

You can make Lemon balm syrup. Having Lemon balm syrup on hand is a great idea if you have little ones in your home. It’s a wonderful way to ensure that you love your healing remedies enough so you can have encouragement to take them regularly.

To make Lemon balm syrup first, you make a strong herbal decoction by simmering one cup of lemon balm in four cups of water for 30 minutes. Then, strain out the leaves and add honey to taste.
Keep refrigerated for one month.

Any way you choose to take lemon balm, it’s important to remember that consistency is key. The more time you give your body to soak in the healing constituents and tweak their processes in a healthier direction, the better.

*Lavender – It is a general tonic for the nervous system and a natural relaxant. It is an excellent natural anxiety remedy and one of the best for panic attack treatments.

To use, you can spray a lavender tonic spray lightly on your face, smell the aroma and the light sprinkles of the mist, almost calms instantly.

*Valerian – is a well-known natural herb that is often used as a sedative and a painkiller. It is always effectively utilized as a natural treatment for anxiety and insomnia too.

To use, make Valerian as your tea, add 2 to 3 grams of dried valerian root (roughly 1 to 2 teaspoons) to one cup of hot water and allow to steep for 10 to 15 minutes then drink it.

*Green tea – can also be used as an alternative to conventional anxiety medications, because it contains L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid that is known to also be an effective anti-anxiety treatment.

To use, simply make yourself a cup of tea. Infuse the green tea in hot water and enjoy.

*Rosemary – has been used since ancient times to treat anxiety attacks and other psychological problems. The best way to use it is to take it as tea.

To do this, you will need to add one to two teaspoons of Rosemary into a cup of boiling water; leave the brew to simmer for a few minutes then drink it.

Alternately, you can also try inhaling Rosemary. To do this, simply burn a sprig and inhale its smoke.

Rosemary is so calming and the aroma is so pleasant, you will want to do this even when you are not suffering from anxiety


*Sesame oil – This can be used as a topical treatment. Rub the oil on your body to soothe tension and pressure spots. You can also massage it on your scalp to relax scalp skin tissues. You can heat it until it gets a little warm. Apply it all over your body for a relaxing massage.

*Skullcap – This is now available in tincture and capsule form. It helps relax your nerves. It lessens feelings of foreboding. This is also an ideal solution for insomnia caused by stress. It induces sleep.

To use, make it as your tea, start with 10 grams of the dry herb. Infuse the chopped dry leaves, strain, and drink.

*Motherwort – This has often been used to treat depressive disorders. Because of its ability to stabilize emotions, you can soothe raw feelings of anxiety with the help of this herb. It also has a calming effect.

To use, make yourself a tea. Steep one to two teaspoons of dried herb per cup of boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes. Three cups of tea may be consumed daily.

*Fennel – Chew fennel seeds if you experience gastrointestinal spasms caused by this condition. It contains compounds that relax the gastrointestinal tract.

You can also make it as your tea. You can dry the seeds out by laying them flat and baking them in the sunshine for two or three days, or you can speed up the process by microwaving the seeds in increments of 30 seconds, checking on them often. Then simply crush the seeds and use them in a tea ball or empty tea bag, steeping in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes.

*Hops – This herbal remedy effectively normalizes the functions of the nervous system. People with anxiety problems tend to overact on stress triggers. This herbal remedy can help slow down the body’s reaction to stress and speed up its ability to recover from stress.

To use, find hops in certain herbal teas and hopped-up kombuchas, or you can buy hops in dried flower form or as a powder and make your own concoctions.

The dried and crushed flowers can be used as a food seasoning. Sprinkle as you would an Italian seasoning and be prepared for a bitter and tangy bite.



*Celery – Consuming two cups of celery daily can help to reduce the severity of your anxiety attacks. This is because celery contains large amounts of potassium and folic acid, both of which are necessary for overcoming nervousness.

Add celery to your favorite salad, and have it at lunchtime or with the evening meal. You can also eat celery on its own as a delicious snack.

*Onions – Like celery, onions also contain large amounts of potassium and folic acid, which means that consuming them daily can help prevent panic attacks. They can also help to restore your sense of well-being.

The best way that you can eat onions is by adding them as naturally as you always do with your meals or salads.

*Orange – Oranges contain a lot of Vitamin C, which means that they are very helpful when it comes to revitalizing the human body.

You can even try drinking orange juice daily, as that will make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Aside from their nutrients, it’s also worth mentioning that the aroma of a ripe orange can help eliminate feelings of anxiety and depression.

The best way to experience this smell is to peel off the skin of the orange, put it in boiling water and wait for it to simmer. Once properly heated, the orange skin will release some of its natural fragrance.

*Honey – Honey can help to restore the body’s energy and reduce feelings of stress. So if you have a sweet tooth, and you want to eliminate your anxiety problems, then honey is the perfect solution for your needs.

Before you go to sleep, have a spoon of honey with a pinch of salt added to it. This will help you to relax your mind. Repeat this daily for a better mood and a happier life.

You can also take a half tablespoon of cinnamon powder and mix it in with one tablespoon of honey. Add the mixture to a glass of moderately warm milk. Take this every night before sleeping.

Another way is to put lemon juice, honey, and ground ginger in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients well and make a smooth mixture. Consume this mixture thrice a day to see the best results.

You can also mix honey with almonds. Crush 5-10 pieces of almonds, then mix with a tablespoon of honey. Consume one spoon of this in the morning and one before you go to bed at the night.

Another recipe that you can do is cut an apple into little pieces and place them in a blender. Before you start blending add a tablespoon of honey and a warm cup of milk, then start blending. Have this mixture twice a day and continue it drinking for a month to get yourself relaxed.

*Banana – Bananas contain a lot of potassium, which means that they can also help to increase your body’s energy and prevent you from feeling exhausted all the time.

You can eat two bananas a day and you can eat them as it is or you can also follow healthy recipes that include bananas to make them more interesting to eat.

And that is our recommended 9 best natural remedies for anxiety, that are proven to work!

And now I will give you the 5-minute ritual I have used for the past few years, and that is that I use tip number 7, relaxation together with, tip number 8 herbs, and tip number 3 aromatherapy.

I take a relaxing bath, sip a warm cup of rosemary tea and have the amazing aroma of lavender in the bathroom. This five-minute ritual is like my mini vacation, it sets me for my day ahead and sometimes I do this at the end of the day as well to benefit from its amazing effect on my body.

Depending on the severity of the anxiety attacks, it will usually take a few weeks for most cases of anxiety to be fixed.

Some of these remedies are amazing in ending anxiety, but you may forget them. That is why I put together and give away a free tip sheet designed to be a “handy go-to for you”, and you have them to use no matter where ever you are, and you will relieve yourself of anxiety in only a few minutes. A $9.99 value, yours free, my gift to you!
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A little disclaimer, not every remedy will work for everyone and every situation is different, seek medical advice or do your own research, information provided here is for educational purposes only 





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